Tencel is a regenerated cellulose fibre, made from wood pulp. The process to obtain it, involves dissolving the wood pulp into a solution and extruding this into Tencel fibres. This process is over 99% closed loop, meaning almost everything is reused, and nearly nothing is wasted. This sustainable process, combined with it’s inherent biodegradability, makes Tencel one of the best choices for looking after both our planet, and our plums.  

Tencel is characteristically soft, smooth and cool to the touch, making it ideal for close to skin layers. Due to the fibres unique nano-fibril structure and a very smooth surface, it has the ability to absorb moisture into the structure of the fibre. This allows Tencel to breath and pull moisture away from the wearer, cooling you, whilst also keeping you dry. The smooth fibre surface creates a natural soft touch, that is generous on sensitive skin.

Due to Tencel’s moisture absorption properties, it won’t allow bacteria to grow on the surface of the fibre, resulting in a high resistance to odour.