We're making it easy.

No more neglect towards your top drawer with old tired underwear
which have been living long past their used by date.

We'll keep it fresh.

By joining the Wears Subscription you'll receive your favourite style(s) of underwear every three months. We'll keep the colours fresh by changing up which tone we send you out each time. Unless of course you like to keep the colour consistent then let us know.

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Wear a pair, Share a pair

For every new subscriber who joins we've
introduced 'Wear a pair, Share a pair'.
We'll get a new pair of underwear across
to someone less fortunate. In our research
we've found it's at the top of the list as the
least donated piece of clothing.
Together, we’re going to change that.

You'll be first to know about our new upcoming ranges and colours as we release them, and you have the flexibility to edit, pause or cancel your subscription at anytime you wish. All of the above, with a friendly price for our members to say thanks for taking the time to look, feel and do good with Wears.